GPM Race Engines


408 Chevy circle track

This engine is built for serious competitors! It features a seasoned 400 Chevy block that has been fully prepped to win. It features ported RHS iron heads, 14:1 compression and a fully forged rotating assembly. The block has been fully race prepped with ARP studded mains, ARP head bolts, and a big solid roller cam.

-fully race prepped 400 Chevy 4 bolt main block 4.165 bore

-ARP Main Studs

-ARP Head bolts

-Wiseco flat top forged pistons

-SCAT forged 3.75 stroke crankshaft

-SCAT Professional Competition 5.70" rods with 7/16" ARP 2000 series bolts

-Comp Cams Solid Roller cam

-Comp Cams Solid Roller lifters

-Cloyes double roller timing set

-RHS ported heads 2.055"/1.60" stainless valves

-Professional Products Hurricane intake, ported

-Kevko power kickout race oil pan

-Dyno sheet included



385 Chevy 1 piece seal

 This engine is built on a late model, 4 bolt main, seasoned block. The block has been bored, honed, line bored, surfaced, clearanced and fully prepped for performance use. The rotating assembly has been completely race balanced and the engine has been broken in on the dyno. Then engine comes complete with aluminium heads, roller rockers, polished valve covers and intake manifold, as well as a chrome damper, and Pertronix billet distributor. This engine features a hydraulic roller cam and 10:1 compression, perfect for a high performance street rod!

-seasoned 4 bolt main block 4.04"

-Scat 3.75 stroke crankshaft

-Eagle 6.0" length rods with ARP Rod Bolts and floating pins

-Wiseco forged reverse dome pistons

-Erson Hydraulic roller cam

-Cloyes double roller timing set

-Performance aluminium heads with 2.02"/1.60" valves

-aluminium 1.6 ratio roller rockers

-Brand new facotry style damper

-Professional Products polished aluminium intake manifold

-Pertronics ready to run billet distributor

-dyno sheet included




This engine is built for those that are looking for a real work horse! Nothing gets work done quite like a big block.

-STD bore block that has been completely checked out and prepped for getting work done!

-Gen V 1 piece seal block

-Rectangle port heads with high performance valve job GM cast #088 with 2.19/1.88 valves

-7/16 bolt GM rods magged, checked for straightness and reconditioned

-STD/STD GM 1 piece crankshaft

-Cam custom spec'ed to customer's application

-GM high rise aluminum dual plane intake

-Double Roller timing set

-Melling oil pump

-truck or marine oil pan

-aluminum o-ring seal valve covers

-multiple upgrades available

-Dyno sheet included