2005 - New FacesWe decided to bring all of our work in house. We build an addition on the shop and more than doubled our equipment in order to handle all of the work we were seeing. We added a Rottler CNC machine, Stuska dynamometer, as well as a host of other equipment to round out our machining capabilities.

Fast forward to today where we are one of, if not THEE most equipped shop in the four state area. We decided long ago, that to turn out the best product and get the best results, you have to have control over all aspects of the work preformed. In order to do that for our customers we continue to add to and improve our equipment profile. If you stop improving, you are getting left behind.

Race engine building can be very challenging at times but we love it. We've been in this business for a long time and don't have any plans of stopping. We just love to see our customers winning!

1988 - The doors open. Its cold and wet but Golden Precision Machine opens for business. The focus at that time was 2 stroke marine machine work and parts, both new and used. We still do quite a bit of outboard marine work but we have greatly expanded our capabilities since then. Our high performance pedigree goes back some 30 years prior but we have been in business here at this location since the winter of 1988.

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